09: Natural selection ( A bold prediction by Charles Darwin): The first flower… The power of smell.

It's hard to imagine, but plants covered the surface of the earth for hundreds of millions of years before they put forth their first flower. That was about a hundred million years ago, shortly before the dinosaurs were wiped out. Our world must've been a lustreless place back then, dominated by shades of green and brown. Yeah, there were giant trees, ferns, and other plant life, but the palette of nature didn't... Continue Reading →

06 : Carboniferous

Buckle up your belts, I am going to take you all way back in time, in fact to a great expanse of time that had elapsed since the big bang. In order to think about it, let's compress the whole timeline of our Universe since the big-bang till now into a single year, what we... Continue Reading →

05 : Venus =<<<<< Earth ?

 When our Solar system was young, Venus had liquid water, and it merely looked like our Earth. And after some million years, Things started to go horribly wrong. Venus oceans are all gone now. Its surface is hotter than a boiling oven ( avg: 462 degC), hot enough to melt Lead. But why? 

04: Human Brain >>>> ?

What makes us humans is the squishy triple pounder inside our heads. You can comprehend the incredible complexity of the Earth only is because you have an incredibly complex brain inside your head. There are about approximately 8 million identified species on our planet but we Homo sapiens stand tall amongst all, the answer lies... Continue Reading →

02: Butterfly Effect

What would have caused the evolution of Hominids ( first primitive human beings)? 5.5 billion years ago, what we now know as the Mediterranean Sea was a huge desert. The natural dam at the western end of the deep basin gave away probably due to earthquakes. The torrential waters rushed in at a rate of... Continue Reading →

01: One Failed Meal

What actually made possible the emergence of complex life in our planet ? Every complex life form here on our planet, including you and me has relied on the same solution for what seemed like an insurmountable hurdle, getting enough energy. Around 2 billion years ago, when nothing lived on the earth except microbes. We... Continue Reading →

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